Something a little different

As anyone who reads this blog is aware, most of my posts are in the form of essays on various subjects. As a rule these have been rather lengthy pieces, carefully planned and researched — and perhaps a bit heavy for that quick lunchtime read.

Going forward I’d like to try something new: aside from the occasional essays, I will also be posting simpler (and shorter!) notes about subjects that interest me, or about projects on which I am currently working. These entries will be more conversational, less complete in and of themselves — I hope that readers will feel encouraged to jump in with responses and input. These new items will simply have brief descriptive titles, with the overall title of “Journal”, and may or may not include the images and sidebar notes that have always been a part of the essay posts.

The intention here will be to encourage a bit of dialogue, rather than simply to pontificate on whatever topic strikes me at the time. Later today I’ll make the first serve: let’s see if anyone hits it back over the net.